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About Seed Beads
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Delica Color and Durability

Update:2017.04.14 pink shaded colors have been updated.

Col No. Color Description A B C
DB0701Transp Crystal000
DB0702Transp Lt. Topaz000
DB0703Transp Orange000
DB0704Transp Red000
DB0705Transp Green000
DB0706Transp Aqua000
DB0707Transp Cobalt000
DB0708Transp Grey000
DB0709Transp. Amber000
DB0710Transp Yellow000
DB0711Transp Lilac000
DB0712Transp Peridot000
DB0713Transp Dark Green000
DB0714Transp Capri Blue000
DB0715Transp dark Brown000
DB0721Opaque Yellow000
DB0722Opaque Orange000
DB0723Opaque Red000
DB0724Opaque Green000
DB0725Opaque Lt. Blue000
DB0726Opaque Cobalt000
DB0727Opaque Coral000
DB0728Opaque Lilac000
DB0729Opaque Turquoise000
DB0730Opaque Lt. Lapis000
DB0731Opaque Grey000
DB0732Opaque Ivory000
DB0733Opaque Yellow000
DB0734Opaque Dark Brown000
DB0735 Opaque Cocoa 0 0 0
DB0741Matte Transp. Crystal000
DB0742Matte Transp. Lt. Topaz000
DB0743Matte Transp Yellow000
DB0744Matte TranspOrange000
DB0745Matte Transp Red000
DB0746Matte Transp. Green000
DB0747Matte Transp Aqua000
DB0748Matte Transp. Cobalt000
DB0749Matte Transp. Grey000
DB0751Matte Opaque Yellow000
DB0752Matte Opaque Orange000
DB0753Matte Opaque Red000
DB0754Matte Opaque Green000
DB0755Matte Opaque Lt. Blue000
DB0756Matte Opaque Cobalt000
DB0757Matte Opaque Coral000
DB0758Matte Opaque Lilac000
DB0759Matte Opaque Turquoise000
DB0760Matte Opaque Lapis000
DB0761Matte Opaque Grey000
DB0762Matte Opaque Ivory000
DB0763Matte Opaque Lime000
DB0764Matte Transp. Amber000
DB0765Matte Transp. Lilac000
DB0766Matte Transp. Peridot000
DB0767Matte Transp Dk.Green000
DB0768Matte Transp Capri Blue000
DB0769Matte Transp Brown000
DB0771Matte Transp Lt. Topaz Dyed-Color--X
DB0772Matte Transp Aqua Dyed-Color--X
DB0773Matte Transp Lt. Topaz Dyed-Color--X
DB0774Matte Transp Red Dyed-Color--X
DB0775Matte Transp Lt. Topaz Dyed-Color--X
DB0776Matte Transp Green Dyed-Color--X
DB0777Matte Transp Crystal Dyed-Color--X
DB0778Matte Transp Lt. Topaz Dyed-Color--X
DB0779Matte Transp Lt. Topaz Dyed-Color0-X
DB0780Matte Transp Crystal Dyed-Color0-X
DB0781Matte Transp Yellow Dyed-Color0-X
DB0782Matte Transp Aqua Dyed-Color--X
DB0783Matte Transp Aqua Dyed-Color--X
DB0784Matte Transp Aqua Dyed-Color--X
DB0785Matte Transp Aqua Dyed-Color0-X
DB0786Matte Transp Aqua Dyed-Color0-X
DB0787Matte Transp Crystal Dyed-Color0-X
DB0788Matte Transp Lt. Topaz Dyed-Color0-X
DB0791Matte Opaque Orange Dyed-Color--X
DB0792Matte Opaque Lt. Blue Dyed-Color--X
DB0793Matte Opaque Lt. Blue Dyed-Color0-X
DB0794Matte Opaque Orange Dyed-Color0-X
DB0795Matte Opaque Orange Dyed-Color--X
DB0796Matte Opaque Red Dyed-Color--X
DB0797Matte Opaque Green Dyed-Color0-X
DB0798Matte Opaque Lt. Blue Dyed-Color--X
DB0799Matte Opaque Lt. Blue Dyed-Color--X
DB0800Matte Opaque White Dyed-Color--X

*How to see the durability information
This data is based on our examination result and manufacturing history. It is not the absolute one, therefore it differs in an individual use and condition. Please confirm it well before you use it.

Mark Meaning
A Colors which might change and / or fade due to bright sun or deterioration with time.
B Colors rubbing off from friction or contact with skin acid.
C Colors which will alter or fade from dry-cleaning.
0 There is no problem in usual use.
- There might be a problem in durability by individual use..
X There is not strong durability , so attention is required for use.
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