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About Seed Beads
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Delica Color and Durability

Update:2017.04.14 pink shaded colors have been updated.

Col No. Color Description A B C
DB1201Dark Topza Silver Lined---
DB1202Ruby Silver Lined---
DB1203Peach Silver Lined---
DB1204Dark Amethyst Silver Lined---
DB1205Smoke Amethyst Silver Lined---
DB1206Dark Peridot Silver Lined---
DB1207Olive Green Silver Lined---
DB1208Teal Silver Lined---
DB1209Dark Aqua Silver Lined---
DB1210Blue Silver Lined---
DB1211Lt. Gray Silver Lined---
DB1221Transp.Dark Topaz Luster000
DB1222Transp. Ruby Luster000
DB1223Transp. Peach Luster000
DB1224Transp.Dark Amethyst Luster000
DB1225Transp. Smoke Amethyst Luster000
DB1226Transp. Dark Peridot Luster000
DB1227Transp. Olive Green Luster000
DB1228Transp.Teal Luster000
DB1229Transp. Dark Aqua Luster000
DB1230Transp. Blue Luster000
DB1231Transp. Lt. Gray Luster000
DB1241Transp. Dark Topaz AB000
DB1242Transp. Ruby AB000
DB1243Transp. Peach AB000
DB1244Transp.Dark Amethyst AB000
DB1245Transp. Smoke Amethyst AB000
DB1246Transp. Dark Peridot AB000
DB1247Transp. Olive Green AB000
DB1248Transp. Teal AB000
DB1249Transp. Dark Aqua AB000
DB1250Transp. Blue AB000
DB1251Transp. Lt. Gray AB000
DB1261Matte Transp. Dark Topaz000
DB1262Matte Transp. Ruby000
DB1263Matte Transp Peach000
DB1264Matte Transp Dark Amethyst000
DB1265Matte Transp Smoke Amethyst000
DB1266Matte Transp Dark Peridot000
DB1267Matte Transp Olive Green000
DB1268Matte Transp Teal000
DB1269Matte Transp Dark Aqua000
DB1270Matte Transp Blue000
DB1271Matte Transp Lt. Gray000
DB1281Matte Transp Dark Peridot AB000
DB1282Matte Transp Olive Green AB000
DB1283Matte Transp Teal AB000
DB1284Matte Transp. Dark Aqua AB000
DB1285Matte Transp. Blue AB000
DB1286Matte Transp. Lt. Gray AB000

*How to see the durability information
This data is based on our examination result and manufacturing history. It is not the absolute one, therefore it differs in an individual use and condition. Please confirm it well before you use it.

Mark Meaning
A Colors which might change and / or fade due to bright sun or deterioration with time.
B Colors rubbing off from friction or contact with skin acid.
C Colors which will alter or fade from dry-cleaning.
0 There is no problem in usual use.
- There might be a problem in durability by individual use..
X There is not strong durability , so attention is required for use.
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