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Delica Color and Durability

Update:2017.04.14 pink shaded colors have been updated.

Col No. Color Description A B C
DB1501Opaque White Glazed Color AB000
DB1502Opaque White Glazed Color AB000
DB1503Opaque White Glazed Color AB000
DB1504Opaque White Glazed Color AB000
DB1505Opaque White Glazed Color AB000
DB1506Opaque White Glazed Color AB000
DB1507Opaque White Glazed Color AB000
DB1508Opaque White Glazed Color AB000
DB1510Matte Opaque White Glazed Color000
DB1511Matte Opaque White Glazed Color000
DB1512Matte Opaque White Glazed Color000
DB1513Matte Opaque White Glazed Color000
DB1514Matte Opaque White Glazed Color000
DB1515Matte Opaque White Glazed Color000
DB1516Matte Opaque White Glazed Color000
DB1517Matte Opaque White Glazed Color000
DB1518Matte Opaque White Glazed Color000
DB1520Matte Opaque White Glazed Color AB000
DB1521Matte Opaque White Glazed Color AB000
DB1522Matte Opaque White Glazed Color AB000
DB1523Matte Opaque White Glazed Color AB000
DB1524Matte Opaque White Glazed Color AB000
DB1525Matte Opaque White Glazed Color AB000
DB1526Matte Opaque White Glazed Color AB000
DB1527Matte Opaque White Glazed Color AB000
DB1528Matte Opaque White Glazed Color AB000
DB1530Opaque White Glazed Color & Luster000
DB1531Opaque White Glazed Color & Luster000
DB1532Opaque White Glazed Color & Luster000
DB1533Opaque White Glazed Color & Luster000
DB1534Opaque White Glazed Color & Luster000
DB1535Opaque White Glazed Color & Luster000
DB1536Opaque White Glazed Color & Luster000
DB1537Opaque White Glazed Color & Luster000
DB1538Opaque White Glazed Color & Luster000
DB1561Opaque Dark Ivory Luster000
DB1562Opaque Dark Yellow Luster000
DB1563Opaque Lt. Orange Luster000
DB1564Opaque Dark Red Luster000
DB1565Opaque Chocolate Luster000
DB1566Opaque Olive Green Luster000
DB1567Opaque Lt. Turquoise Luster000
DB1568Opaque Ice Blue Luster000
DB1569Opaque Lt. Lapis Luster000
DB1570Opaque Gray Luster000
DB1571Opaque Dark Ivory AB000
DB1572Opaque Dark Yellow AB000
DB1573Opaque Lt. Orange AB000
DB1574Opaque Chocolate AB000
DB1575Opaque Olive Green AB000
DB1576Opaque Lt.Turquoise AB000
DB1577Opaque Ice Blue AB000
DB1578Opaque Lt. Lapis AB000
DB1579Opaque Gray AB000
DB1581Matte Opaque Lt. Ivory000
DB1582Matte Opaque Dark Yellow000
DB1583Matte Opaque Lt. Orange000
DB1584Matte Opaque Chocolate000
DB1585Matte Opaque Olive Green000
DB1586Matte Opaque Lt. Turquoise000
DB1587Matte Opaque Ice Blue000
DB1588Matte Opaque Lt. Lapis000
DB1589Matte Opaque Gray000
DB1591Matte Opaque Lt. Ivory AB000
DB1592Matte Opaque Dark Yellow AB000
DB1593Matte Opaque Lt.Orange AB000
DB1594Matte Opaque Olive Green AB000
DB1595Matte Opaque Lt. Turquoise AB000
DB1596Matte Opaque Ice Blue AB000
DB1597Matte Opaque Lt. Lapis AB000
DB1598Matte Opaque Gray AB000

*How to see the durability information
This data is based on our examination result and manufacturing history. It is not the absolute one, therefore it differs in an individual use and condition. Please confirm it well before you use it.

Mark Meaning
A Colors which might change and / or fade due to bright sun or deterioration with time.
B Colors rubbing off from friction or contact with skin acid.
C Colors which will alter or fade from dry-cleaning.
0 There is no problem in usual use.
- There might be a problem in durability by individual use..
X There is not strong durability , so attention is required for use.
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