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About Seed Beads
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Delica Color and Durability

Update:2017.04.14 pink shaded colors have been updated.

Col No. Color Description A B C
DBL-0002Blue Iris000
DBL-0005Black AB000
DBL-0011Metallic Olive0-0
DBL-0012Metallic Rasberry0-0
DBL-0021Nickel Plated0-0
DBL-0022Metallic Bronze0-0
DBL-0023Metallic Bronze AB000
DBL-0029Nickel Plated AB000
DBL-003124KT Gold Plated0-0
DBL-003424KT Lt. Gold Plated0-0
DBL-0035Galvanized Silver-XX
DBL-0037Copper Lined Crystal-X-
DBL-0038Palladium Plated0-0
DBL-0041Silver Lined(S/L) Crystal---
DBL-0042Silver Lined(S/L) Gold---
DBL-0043Silver Lined(S/L) Red---
DBL-0050Crystal Luster000
DBL-0051Crystal AB000
DBL-0062Inside Dyed-Color-0X
DBL-0065Inside Dyed-Color-0X
DBL-0088Inside Dyed-Color AB-0X
DBL-0089Inside Dyed-Color AB-0X
DBL-0098Transp Red Luster000
DBL-0099Transp Lt. Topaz Luster000
DBL-0100Transp Lt. Topaz AB000
DBL-0104Transp Gold Luster Rasberry AB000
DBL-0105Transp Red Gold Luster000
DBL-0106Transp Glazed Luster Pink000
DBL-0107Transp Gold Luster Grey AB0-0
DBL-0108Transp Gold Luster AmethystX--
DBL-0115Transp Lt. Topaz Gold LusterX--
DBL-0116Transp Red Gold Luster0-0
DBL-0121Transp Lt. Topaz Gold LusterX--
DBL-0122Transp Lt. Topaz Gold Luster AB000
DBL-0123Transp Lt. Topaz Gold Luster SmokeX--
DBL-0141Transparent (Transp.) Crystal000
DBL-0172Transp Red AB000
DBL-0191Opal Copper Lined-X-
DBL-0200Opaque White000
DBL-0201Opaque White Luster000
DBL-0202Opaque White AB000
DBL-0203Opaque White Glazed Luster0-0
DBL-0221Opal Silver Lined(S/L)---
DBL-0222Opal AB000
DBL-0231Ceylon White000
DBL-0232Ceylon Inside-Dyed Color00-
DBL-0233Ceylon Inside-Dyed Color00-
DBL-0234Ceylon Inside-Dyed Color-0X
DBL-0244Ceylon Inside-Dyed Color-0X
DBL-0249Ceylon Inside-Dyed Color-0X
DBL-0271Inside Dyed-Color00-
DBL-0301Matte Metallic Black Luster000
DBL-0307Matte Black AB000
DBL-0310Matte Black000
DBL-0311Matte Metallic Olive Green0-0
DBL-0312Matte Metallic Copper AB000
DBL-0321Matte Nickel Plated0-0
DBL-0322Matte Metallic Bronze0-0
DBL-0323Matte Metallic Purple Iris000
DBL-0324Matte Metallic Green AB000
DBL-0325Matte Metallic Blue AB000
DBL-0351Matte Chalk White000
DBL-0352Matte Opaque Glazed Luster Ivory0--
DBL-0410Galvanized Dyed-Color0-X
DBL-0901Inside Dyed-Color00-
DBL-0902Inside Dyed-Color00-
DBL-0903Inside Dyed-Color00-
DBL-0904Inside Dyed-Color00-
DBL-0905Inside Dyed-Color00-
DBL-0906Inside Dyed-Color00-

*How to see the durability information
This data is based on our examination result and manufacturing history. It is not the absolute one, therefore it differs in an individual use and condition. Please confirm it well before you use it.

Mark Meaning
A Colors which might change and / or fade due to bright sun or deterioration with time.
B Colors rubbing off from friction or contact with skin acid.
C Colors which will alter or fade from dry-cleaning.
0 There is no problem in usual use.
- There might be a problem in durability by individual use..
X There is not strong durability , so attention is required for use.
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