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Oct. 14/2014 We do small update on our web page, adding "project" page. You can see some patterns and works.
May. 15/2014 MIYUKI has launched new colors of Delica Beads size 11/O, "DuracoatR Opaque Dyed®". There are 42 colors available at this moment.Click here to see more detailand sample card.
Jan. 16/2014 MIYUKI has launched new size of TILA Beads as called "Half TILA Beads". The size of Half TILA is 5x2.3x1.9mm. There are 50 colors available at this moment.Click here to see more detail.
Nov. 19/2013 MIYUKI has launched "Luminous color" in Delica Beads size 10/O , Round beads size 15/O, 11/O, and 8/O. There are 10 colors available .Click here to see more detail.
Jul. 01/2013 MIYUKI has launched New color , called "Luminous color" for Delica Beads.. There are 32 colors in size 11/O Delica Beads at this moment .Click here to see more detail.
Nov. 09/2012 MIYUKI has launched New Coating, called "Baroque Coating" and Shrink pearl. There are 7 colors in size 6/O R.R. and 5/O R.R at this moment .Click here to see more detail.
May. 16/2012 MIYUKI has launched New Color of TILA BEADS. There are 30 new colors will be available this summer .Click here to see special page for TILA.
Feb.14/2012 Update an e-sample card.
No.880/R(Long Magatama)
No.881(Duracoat Silverline Dyed Color),
No.882(Picasso Coating),
are added.No.877, 881, 882 are categorized in "process"
and No.880/R is categorized in "Magatama."

Featured products
-MIYUKI Half TILABeads has been launched.
Luminous Beads Luminous Beads
-MIYUKI Luminous Beads has been launched.
Baroque Coating Beads Baroque Coating Beads
-MIYUKI Baroque Coating Beads has been launched.
BerryBeads Berry Beads
-MIYUKI Berry Beads has been launched.
-MIYUKI TILA BEADS has been launched.
They are Flat, Square, thin and two holes beads.
MIYUKI Duracoat Galvanized MIYUKI Duracoat Galvanized™
-MIYUKI Duracoat Galvanized has been launched.
They are stronger coated beads compare to the traditional galvanized beads.
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