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PhotoConverter for delicabeads
Manufacturing process and durability of seed beads



MIYUKI has launched new Producs as belows.
- Color card # 57/4R: Additional New colors of Square Beads 1.8mm (26 New colors in 129 colors)
- Color card #949/R: New colors in Half TILA BEADS
- Color card # 1012 : Duracoat opaque colors and Gold lined colors in Delica beads 11/0.
- Color card # 1013 : Navy Colors (Duracoat Opaque dyed) in Round Rocailles.
Click the Card # to see sample card PDF files.


MIYUKI is pleased to announce the launch of a new web service MIYUKI Photo Converter for Delica Beads.
It can assist you to make Patterns, Pattern Tables, and to select of Delica Beads in your favorite size with a feature to limit or expand your color palette.

Please click to try the Converter.


MIYUKI has developed a new bead shape: Quarter TILA Beads.

Click here to see more information.


MIYUKI has added TILA and Half TILA Beads to the MIYUKI Seed Bead Directories.

Click here to launch the MIYUKI Seed Bead Directories.


Our new web service, MIYUKI Seed Bead Directories, has been released. You can search by "Shape", "Size", "Color" and "Finish".

Please click to search the directories.


MIYUKI has launched new Delica Glazed colors, available on sample card # 1007.

Click here to see more details on the sample card.
You can download all images of New Delicas from the link below.


MIYUKI has developed two new bead shapes: Slender Bugles and Rectangle Beads.
These new shapes are available on sample cards TE-52 and TE-53.

Click here to see more details on the sample cards.
Jun./2016 MIYUKI has launched new colors of size 11/0 Delica Beads, available on sample card # 1005.

There are new 54 new colors in this card.
Click here to see more details on the sample card.

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-MIYUKI Quarter TILA has been launched.
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Manufacturing process and durability of seed beads
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