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About SeedBeads
About Seed Beads
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About SeedBeads
Explaining manufacturing process of seed beads from raw material to products.

Manufacturing process
Produce raw glass material -Resolution-
Mix the raw materials SiO2, NaCO3, and CaCO3 with any base-coloring ingredients and place them in a 1400C furnace to make the melted glass.


Move the melted glass to a slightly cooler melting pot, and use a compressed air device to blow the glass through a hole in the bottom of the pot, making the glass tube shape.
The holes in the pots are shaped, which creates the differently shaped beads.
Cut glass tubes -Cutting-
Cut the glass tube Cut the long glass tube into short pieces using a special cutting machine.

hspace=5Mix carbon powder with these cut pieces and heat them to 700C to make the cut pieces into round beads.
inse and Tumbling
Rinse the cut beads to wash off the carbon powder and tumble to polish.

The washed beads are not clear. Make clear beads by smoothing surface.
Give processing to surface -Coloring-
Enhance the beads and create bead variety through the process of silverline, dyeing,glazing, rainbow and luster coating, etc.
Finishing Rinse
Carefully wash and dry the beads.
The completed products are packaged in a poly bag, and then exported to various countries.
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