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MIYUKI | Frequently Asked Questions & Answers.
If you can't find your questions here,please submit your questions with our inquiry form.

Q1 I own a retail shop, can I purchase MIYUKI beads directly?
A1 If there are our wholesalers in your region, we are happy to let you know them. Please use our inquiry form or contact to below.
Q2 I am a designer. Can I purchase MIYUKI beads directly?
A2 We will let you know our customers list in your region. Please use our inquiry form or contact to below.
Q3 Do you accept mail orders from overseas?
A3 We only accept mail orders from Japan.
Q4 What kind of beads does MIYUKI produce?
A4 Please refer to our seed beads page.
Q5 I want to know durability of your products.
A5 Please refer to "Category of finished beads" page. Also, you can check durability of each Delica bead in "Delica color and durability" page. The durability data is based on our examination result and manufacturing history. It is not the absolute one, therefore it differs in an individual use and condition.
Q6 I want to know the color number of seed beads.
A6 Please refer to "Size and Shape" page. Color number is printed on sample card pdf. If you have further question, please contact us.
Q7 I want to know the number of beads per package.
A7 Please refer to "The number of beads/KG" page. The data is a approximate.
Q8 I have the same color number of beads, but the color is slightly different from the one I bought before.
A8 Although we have been trying to prevent producing lot difference, there are small differences in color because of properties of glass materials and manufacturing process. Please understand it.


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