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About SeedBeads
About SeedBeads
About SeedBeads
About SeedBeads
About SeedBeads
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About SeedBeads

Throughout history, beads have been enchanting people from both Eastern and Western cultures. These cultures heralded beads as valuable treasure and currency, as adornments for holy ceremonies and rituals, and as beautiful accessories. Artisans made beads in various shapes and sizes out of rare stones, shells, horns, wood, metals, resins, and even bone. Glass however became an especially prized material for bead making due to its shimmering and glistening qualities. Even today, both world-famous designers and everyday bead enthusiasts incorporate glass beads into their fashion creations.

Japanese production of glass seed beads began at the beginning of the Showa Period. Mid 1930's, Miyuki was founded in Hiroshima, and quickly became a renowned glass seed bead manufacturer. Since then, we at MIYUKI have continued to strive for increased quality and improved artistry through innovation and state of the art technology. Our highly respected name, excellent reputation, and the introduction of fantastic new products like Delica Beads are all testimonies to our dedication to beads and to bead lovers.

Beauty, our eternal wish, is something that has been valued in every culture since ancient times. It has the power to create dreams and to inspire. We are all searching for beauty and inspiration. While we are continuing our pursuit, we look forward to helping you in yours by offering the finest products available.

Please enjoy this site and our beads; become inspired!


Kenji Katsuoka

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