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About SeedBeads
About SeedBeads
About SeedBeads
About SeedBeads
About SeedBeads
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Introducing MIYUKI company history.

History from start of manufacturing of seed beads to present
Mid 1930's

start producing glass beads

Seiichi Katsuoka, the great-grandfather of the current president, started to produce glass seed beads in Fukuyama, Hiroshima.
Hiroshi Katsuoka, the grandfather of the current president, invented the technique of silverline plating and started to export the products to the United States.
Established HIROSHIMA GLASS BEAD INDUSTRY CO., LTD Hiroshi Katsuoka established the glass bead manufacturing company Hiroshima Glass Beads Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Sep. 1974 Established MIYUKI SHOJI CO.,LTD, Masayoshi Katsuoka, the father of the current president, separated the sales division from the Hiroshima Glass Beads Ind. Co.,Ltd., and created Miyuki Shoji Co. Ltd.
Jun 1980
Tokyo office Opened the Tokyo Branch at Asakusabashi, Tokyo.
Apr. 1982 Announced Delica Beads Developed and then introduced "Delica Beads" to the world market.
Nov. 1982 Osaka Office Opened the Osaka Branch at Minami-Senba, Osaka.
1984 Delica Bead Loom Association Established the Delica Bead Loom Association.
1987 Opened the "BeadsFactory" bead shop in Fukuyama, Hiroshima.
1989 Opened the "BeadsFactory" in Tokyo.
1993 Opened the " BeadsFactory" in Osaka.
2000 Opened the "BeadsFactory" in Sasebo,Kyushu.
2002 Opened the BeadsFactory in Oita, Kyushu.
2003 Started the construction of a new factory in Fukuyama.
Feb. 2006 Completed the construction of the new factory.
Jul. 2006 Change company name Changed the company's name from Miyuki Shoji Co.,Ltd. o "MIYUKI CO.,LTD."
Jul. 2006 Established BEADSFACTORY CO.,LTD. Separated the retail business division, and established the new company, BEADSFACTORY CO.,LTD.
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