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About SeedBeads
About Seed Beads
Size and Shape
Style of finished beads
Sample Cards
The number of beads / KG
Manufacturing Process
Delica Color and Durability
MIYUKI Color No.
Delica-Round conversion
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About SeedBeads

"Seed Bead" is a generic term for any small bead. There are various types in shape and size such as Round, Cylinder (Delica), Hexagon, Bugle, Triangle, Drop, etc. Plenty variety of seed beads are used in a multiplicity of ways to create works satisfactorily

About 60 years ago, Seiichi Katsuoka first came across some glass seed beads and instantly became fascinated by their brilliance and beauty,so in 1949, he dedicated himself to learning the art of glass seed bead making. Seiichi's passion for making beautiful, high quality glass seed beads was passed down to his son, Hiroshi. Hiroshi added innovation to passion and began creating new types and styles of beads. This resulted in the founding of our company; Japan's first successful mass-producing bead manufacturing company. Since then we at MIYUKI have been continuing Hiroshi's innovative drive, and we have produced many new and wonderful kinds of beads, like Delica Beads, Drop Beads, and Twisted Beads, to name a few. We have pledged to keep developing attractive and beautiful beads. MIYUKI glass beads are considered a "world standard" for their high quality, brilliance, and uniform shape. They are highly sought after by fashion designers, artists and bead fans alike.

Size and shape of seed beads

MIYUKI produces various types and shapes of seed beads such as Delica, Twist, Drop…
Introduce size and shape of MIYUKI seed beads.

Size and shape of seed beads

Size and shape of seed beads

Styles of finished beads

The color of MIYUKI seed beads are created by various processes.
Introduce coloring processes and durability of them include color sample.

Category of finished beads

Categori of finished beads

Sample Cards

Sample cards, affixed real seed beads on, are available in almost all size and shape. Moreover, some cards are specialized in colors such as Rococo color and Matte.
Please try our online sample cards.
Sample cards

Sample Cards

The number of beads per KG

Introduce individual bead weight and quantity of beads per kilogram pack.

The number of beads/KGThe number of beads/KG

The number of beads/KG

Introducing manufacturing process of seed beads from raw material to products.

Manufacturing process of seed beads

Manufacturing process of seed beads

Data table of color number, color description, and durability of every Delica beads.

Delica color & Durability



Color conversion of Delica and Round.

Delica to Round
Round to Delica


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