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About SeedBeads
About SeedBeads

Decal Bead

Decal bead is an acrylic based bead with a Japanese modern and traditional designed decal on the surface.
The surface is covered by clear coat to prevent fading off.

It is possible to make your own design bead by combining the size/shape, base color and design pattern.The below formula shows how to design your own design.

Please feel free to contact us about minimum order quantity and price
with our Inquiry Form. (*only for wholesale*)

Size / Shape Sample
A-1 A-2 A-3 A-4 A-5 A-6 A-7
10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm 18mm 20mm 22mm
A-8 A-9 A-10 A-11 A-12 A-13
10x14mm 12x16mm 14x18mm 16x20mm 18x22mm 20mm
A-14 A-15 A-16 A-17
Tear 10x18mm Tear 16x30mm Cut 22mm Heart 24x23mm
A-18 A-19 A-20 A-21
Oval 20x31mm Diamond 26x31mm Flat 25mm Flat 30mm
Base Color Sample
B-1 B-2 B-3 B-4 B-5
White Black Wine Blue Green
B-6 B-7 B-8 B-9 B-10
Red Lt.Blue Pink Yellow Pearl
B-11 B-12 B-13 B-14 B-15
Transparent T.blue T.pink T.Yellow T.Green
B-16 B-17 B-18 B-19 B-20
F.Crystal F.Blue F.Pink F.Yellow F.Green
B-21 B-22 B-23 B-24 B-25
M.Gorld M.Silver M.Copper M.Blue M.Purple
Design Pattern Sapmle
TB-1 TB-2 TB-3 TB-4 TB-5
10mm 10mm 10mm 10mm 10mm
TB-6 TB-7 TB-8 TB-9 TB-10
10mm 10mm 12mm 12mm 12mm
TB-11 TB-12 TB-13 TB-14 TB-15
12mm 14mm 14mm 10mm 14mm
TB-16 TB-17 TB-18 TB-19 TB-20
16mm 12mm 10mm 10mm 14mm
TB-21 TB-22 TB-23 TB-24 TB-25
10mm 10mm 10mm 10mm 10mm
TB-26 TB-27 TB-28 TB-29 TB-30
10mm 10mm 10mm 10mm 16mm
TB-31 TB-32 TB-33 TB-34 TB-35
16mm 16mm 16mm 16mm 16mm
TB-36 TB-37 TB-38 TB-39 TB-40
12mm 12mm 12mm 12mm 12mm
TB-41 TB-42 TB-43 TB-44 TB-45
12mm 12mm 12mm 12mm 12mm
TB-46 TB-47 TB-48 TB-49
12mm 12mm 12mm 12mm

The size shows the availability size/shape.
(ex: TB-8 is available for larger than size 12mm)

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