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About SeedBeads
Delica Bead Loom
About SeedBeads

Top Quality"Delica Beads"
Weaving with Delica beads is elegant and artistic. You will be fascinated by its smooth and delicate surface. Enjoy this beautiful traditional weaving with Delica beads.

Antique Style Bags
Antique Style BagsThese are reproductions of antique Art Deco & Early American styled bags with Delica bead weaving.

-Antique Style Bags

LampshadesLampshades with Delica bead weaving soften the light and create a warm atmosphere.


picturesAny detailed pictures such as flowers and landscapes can be transformed into Delica beaded pictures. Please try weaving favorite pictures.


Other works
Other worksYou can make not only two-dimensional works, but also three-dimensional works with Delica bead weaving. Enjoy creating your original works.

-Other works

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