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New Arrival
Long Magatama Beads

MIYUKI launches new 77 colors of "Long Magatama Bead(LMA)".
The feature of "Long Magatama Bead" is ...
- Little bit longer than "Magatama" (4 x 7 mm)
- Shape is petal bead looking
- The amount of glass is larger than usual "Magatama", the more
lights go through in the glass. It means the beads sparkles more.

There are about 147 colors available at this moment.
The below table shows new colors.

Process Color No.
Transparent LMA134
Silverline LMA5
Trans-Frost LMA134F
T.Frost Rainbow LMA134FR
Trans.Rainbow LMA251, LMA257, LMA252, LMA253, LMA254, LMA256, LMA258, LMA179, LMA260, LMA261
Inside Color Rainbow LMA263, LMA267, LMA273,LMA283, LMA341, LMA353, LMA363, LMA2145, LMA2146, LMA 2148, LMA2149, LMA2150, LMA2150, LMA2161, LMA2168,LMA2170
Glass Enamel LMA2101F, LMA2102F, LMA2103F, LMA2104F, LMA2105F, LMA2106F, LMA3501, LMA3502, LMA3503, LMA3504, LMA3506, LMA3507, LMA3508, LMA3510, LMA3512
Opaque Luster LMA2021
Gold Luster LMA301, LMA315, LMA1884
Opaque Rainbow LMA455
Metallic LMA451, LMA454, LMA462
Metallic Frost LMA2002, LMA2013, LMA2014, LMA2035, LMA2053
Guracoat(TM) Galvanized LMA4201, LMA4202, LMA4201F, LMA4202F, LMA4203F
Special Plating LMA188, LMA190, LMA191, LMA193, LMA194, LMA194, LMA199, LMA190F, LMA191F, LMA193F, LMA194F, LMA190FR, LMA191FR

To see colors and shapes of "Long Magatama" more, click here for e-sample page. Also there is a sample card PDF file.

The shape of "Long Magatama" suits fringes, beaded ball very much.
What do you imagine and create with our new shape!


These works are created by "Sonoko Nozue" who had a master
class at "Bead and Button show 2008" with German Crochet.
The combination of "Long Magatama", "Triangle"and thread
expands the expression of beading.

-Please take a look at Long Magatama Beade-sample card.

-Web material Kit(WebMaterials_880R.zip)

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